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What we offer

Integrated Academic Curriculum:

Kids Unlimited SchoolOur innovative academic curriculum is technology-based, and has integrated art, drama, and social skills into the traditional areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education.
We believe that through the educational use of computers and technology, our students can more fully reach the resources needed to become educated and productive individuals in our ever-changing and complex world. Our technology-based curriculum sets us apart from other private schools.

Student-teacher Ratio:

Over – crowding is not conducive to learning. We maintain a student-teacher ratio that allows our students to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Rational Tuition:

We steadfastly maintain one of our founding principles- to provide a quality private school education at a sensible price. Our fees reflect the quality of education that we offer, and we guarantee that you receive value for money.

School Schedule:

School starts at 8am and ends at 2pm each day from Monday to Friday.

“We care! Flex-pay Plans!”

Let us help you manage your school budget with flexible payments. Prefer to pay the year in advance? Contact us to qualify for discount on year’s fees.

Temporary stay:

Are you visiting Antigua from 1 – 6 months.? And need short-term schooling for your children? We are happy to welcome you. Join our repeat visitors. Contact us by email with your requirements.

Kid unlimited School Calendar of events 2013 to 2014:

Aug. 30th
Staff Meeting
TERM ISept. 3rd - Dec. 12th
3rd Sept.First Day of Term Ischool fee receipts due
12thPTA Elections
28th School Independence Programme
29thCostume Partytime to be announced
30thYouth Rally
30th - 4th Nov.Mid-term break
14thAnnual Art Show
25th - 29th Term I Tests
3rd & 4thItems for Community Outreach Hamper to be brought in
5th & 6th Faculty days for marking & report preparation - NO STUDENTS
9th Public holiday - Heroes' Day
10th Gift exchange items to come in
11th Christmas Programme
12th Christmas Party. - End of Term I
TERM 2Jan. 7th - April 4th '14(late Easter)
Jan. 7thFirst Day of Term IIReceipts due
Black History Month activities
27th. Science Fair
28th Half-term
29thAnnual Walkathon
3rdSports Day
4thEnd of Term
TERM 3April 23rd - June 26th
Wed.23rdFirst Day of TermReceipts due
5th Public holiday - Labour Day
29th May Fete
2nd & 3rdGrades 2 & 4 National Assessments
5th & 6th Grade 6 Natonal Assessment
9th - 13th Grade 6 furlough
11th - 17th End of Year Tests
19th & 20th Faculty days for marking tests and report preparation
26th Closing Ceremony
Professional Development Days(dates & times to be announced).
2nd Septemberstart of new school year.