• More than23 Years


I love the school and the teachers are so nice. I enjoyed doing science projects, especially when lots of people would come to see what we had made. We won lots of medals for our science projects. Mod days were also great with movies and bake sales to raise money for other projects and our trip to St. Kitts. I will miss my school. – Justin B (past student)

Kids Unlimited is different from other schools because of the respect and the discipline. You have a great opportunity to prepare for high school. It is fun because there are lots of projects. – Grade 6 boys

Kids Unlimited School is the best! The teachers are nice! Everyone is friendly; there are no fights, no bullying and lots happening like the Art Show, Science Fair and Walkathon. – Grade 4

From the graduating Grade 6 2011:

Here is what we think of our school: the best, most exciting, best discipline! We are unique, different. We work very hard, but we also have fun, exciting field trips,drama, foot ball, cricket & Guides. We are allowed to express ourselves in a positive, creative way and we are accepted for who we are. We put people first and work on stamping out bullying. We work hard to strive for academic excellence. We work hard but we also celebrate. Our teacher Mrs. Govia is the best! Come along and visit us, bring your children – it is AWSOME

Amy, Christina, Ella, Nahomi, Leanja, Makia, Samantha, Shanayah, Yosefine, Zion , Adonijah, Adreon, Charlie,Jerry, Joshua, Kyle, Matthew, Sami