• More than23 Years

Price List

School Fees
School Rates
$1,550 per term
K-5 (5 years old)
$1,650 per term
Grades 1 – 5
$1,750.00 per term
Grade 6
$1,850.00 per term
After school service
Home Work Club 2.30-4.45pm

Late Pick up – Children must be picked up by 2.15pm. Any child left by 2.20pm will be automatically entered to the homework club at a cost of $20.

$20 per day, $60 per week, $260 per month
Food and Drink
$10/$12 daily menu
Hot food
Cup Noodles
Ice Pops
Special Education Centre
Observation/preliminary evaluation
Educational Assessment
Tutoring Session per hour(min twice a week):
Internal reassessment:
$ 450.00
External Reassessment:
$ 500.00


FEES – parents are responsible for the prompt and consistent payment of fees.

  • An invoice & deposit slip for the upcoming term will be included in your child’s Progress Report.
  • A current receipt must be presented to the teacher for admission to class each term. Payment will be recorded in the class register.
  • Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of each new term (Sept., Jan. & April), unless on a *payment plan. See asterisk below
  • Fees cannot be carried over to the next term. Arrears are no longer permitted. The school cannot continue to carry accounts in arrears.
  • *Families with 3 children can make up to 3 payments per term, families with 1 or 2 children up to 2 payments – the first prior to the start of each new term & the second by half-term.
  • Payments can be made directly to ABIB, through mo-banking, on-line transfer and counter payment .
  • Payments can be made through ABI Bank A/C #5755045, or for those with a Credit Union account, Community First Co-op Credit Union a/c #13207. Please remember to hand in a copy of deposit slip.

ALL ARREARS MUST BE SETTLED BEFORE YOUR CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL Please note that any student whose account has not been settled will be released, and WILL NOT have a place in Term III.

“We care! Flex-pay Plans!”

Let us help you manage your school budget with flexible payments. Prefer to pay the year in advance? Contact us to qualify for discount on year’s fees.

N.B. Students whose accounts are in arrears will not be given Immigration Letters, Board of Education Clearance, US Embassy Visa Letters unless accounts are settled.

Parents who wish to pay for the entire school year in one payment will be subject to a 5% consideration.

N.B. These guidelines supersede ALL OTHER payment instructions.