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Our Policies


We believe that each child is uniquely individual. Children learn at different rates and have a wide range of interests and abilities. We are eager to guide your child as he/she develops academically, mentally, physically and emotionally. Our aim is to provide a sound foundation in both educational and social skills so that our students can fulfil their roles now as children, and eventually as responsible members of society. As educators, we understand that a good working relationship between home and school is vital to your child’s progress. We encourage you to volunteer to listen to students read, accompany us on field trips, help in the library or whatever your time and talents permit. Arrangements are easily made with your child’s teacher.

To ensure that all parents/guardians clearly understand the school’s policy and procedures, we ask that the following guidelines are read carefully, discussed with your child and adhered to:

  1. Fees – parents are responsible for prompt and consistent payment of fees. The school year is divided into three terms. You will be invoiced at the end of each term for the upcoming term. Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of each new term to confirm a place in class. Payment plans remain applicable – 1st payment prior to the start of the new term, subsequent payments by the 5th of each month. Fees are to be paid directly into the school’s bank account ABI Bank #5755045, through ABI Mo-banking, ABI on-line transfer or through the Community First Credit Union account # 13207. A copy of the deposit slip must be handed in to the principal’s office, or to the class teacher on the first day of term as a record of your payment. If fees are paid at office, please make sure that you collect a receipt as a record of your payment. A current receipt must be presented to the teacher for admission to class each term. All transactions will be reflected in your statement. A penalty of $50 will be added to late fees. If part payments are being made by cheque at the office, please submit one current dated cheque and post-date the remaining cheques for the relevant months. Non-payment of fees poses serious cash-flow problems for the school. When fees remain unpaid after reminders you will be called to take your child out of school until your account is settled. Fees in arrears of 90-days or more will be handed to a collection agency, and/or the school attendance officers within the Ministry of Education for recovery. Please avoid this embarrassing situation developing. N.B payments are applied to the oldest amount on the account; not to the current amount. No fees can be carried over into the next term, unless there is a payment plan in place. There is no reduction in fees for absences or vacations. N.B In order to secure your child’s place in the school for the next school year, you are required to complete a re-registration form for each child. This enables us to plan adequately for the next school year. ↑ Goto Top
  2. Dress code – the wearing of the uniform will be strictly adhered to. Children are expected to wear correct uniform every day. Any child out of uniform is required to bring a note of explanation to his/her teacher.
    Girls: Khaki skorts, white blouses, black shoes, white socks, green plaid tie for first day of term, Mondays and dress occasions. Black, white or brown hair accessories may be worn. Phys. Educ. white shorts, or pleated gym skirts, school T-shirt, sneakers and white socks – no jeans please, unless specified.
    Boys: Khaki shorts (longs for older boys optional), white tuck-in shirts, black shoes, white socks. Green plaid tie for first day of term, Mondays and dress occasions. Phys. Educ. – grey sports shorts, school T-shirt, sneakers and white socks.
    PE uniform is worn on Fridays and on field trips. Uniforms are available from Happy Kids on Market & Nevis Sts. T-shirts from the office.
    Jewelry – girls only may wear small stud or sleeper hoops earrings – no chains or bracelets. No jewelry for boys please. ↑ Goto Top
  3. Punctuality – school begins at 8:00a.m. each morning – no child should be left at school before 7:15 a.m. as there will be no one to assume responsibility for him/her. The first bell is rung at 7:55, the assembly bell at 8:00 a.m., classes begin at 8:15 in both primary and preschool. Please make every effort to make sure that your child is punctual. Consistent late-comers lose a valuable portion of the school day, disrupt classes already in session, show anxiety, can become disorganised and develop poor work habits. The responsibility of punctuality rests with parents. ↑ Goto Top
  4. Late pick-up – school ends at 2:00 p.m. Just as you expect to leave your job at your scheduled time, so do teachers. Unless by prior arrangement, or participation in an extra-curricula activity, or the Homework Club/After care Service, all children are to be picked up by 2:20 p.m. Children who are still here at 2:30 will automatically be included in the Homework Club and the daily rate of $15.00 will apply. ↑ Goto Top
  5. Concerns – please first address any concerns pertaining to the classroom (e.g. class work/homework, inappropriate behaviour etc. with your child’s teacher. Concerns which cannot be addressed by the classroom teacher will be referred to the Principal. If it becomes necessary, both teacher and parent will be invited to meet with the Principal. ↑ Goto Top
  6. ILLNESS – please keep at home any child with fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, or contagious conditions such as flu virus, impetigo, conjunctivitis, head lice, chicken pox, ringworm etc. until the appropriate medical treatment has been applied. A child who is too ill to participate in a full programme, including outdoor play needs to be kept at home for a period of recuperation. A child who is unwell is more vulnerable to infection and exhaustion. It is therefore in the best interest of the child, and others at school to ensure a period of recovery at home. After a fever, please make sure that the child’s temperature is normal before he/she returns to school. It is very important to be alert to contagious conditions outside of school as well. School is not always the source of contagion. Please call the school if your child is not well enough to attend. Alert us to any contagious condition so that we may be on the lookout for other cases. You will be called to pick your child if he/she is displaying any symptoms of illness. In the event of an extended illness of a child, the Board of Administration must be informed in writing and the matter will be kept under review. The school attendance officers assigned to the zone will also be informed. ↑ Goto Top
  7. Homework – homework is assigned Mondays to Fridays. Parents are asked to ensure that assignments are completed and handed in on the following day. Special assignments and projects are date specific – make sure that your child meets deadlines on time or a loss of grades for that assignment/project could ensue. Please sign the homework notebook and reading cards to indicate that assignments have been checked. ↑ Goto Top
  8. Being consistent – we try to be as consistent as possible with our classroom and playground rules, so that children will know what is expected of them. Being consistent helps the children and leads to their success. We ask that parents comply with our rules and deal consistently with their children. There is less likely to be defiance of rules if children recognize that both parents and teachers work together:

    • Respect for adults, peers and self. Courteous and appropriate behaviour.
    • On time, regular attendance.
    • Correct uniform and tools (whatever is required for use in the classroom)
    • Completion of assignments on time.
    • No toys or games brought to school (with the exception of K-5, Pre-K and preschool on Fridays).
    • Electronic games are NOT permitted e.g. DS, discman, walkman, gameboy etc. These will be confiscated and a reclaim fee of $50 will apply.
    • No camera phones – These will be confiscated and a reclaim fee of $50 will apply. A regular cellular is permitted, however it should not be seen or used during school hours.
    • Bullying, hitting, biting, fighting, bad language, inappropriate or aggressive behaviour is NOT allowed.
    • Respect for and the correct use of school property, books, equipment etc. Damage of any sort must be paid for.
    • Please call the school if your child will be absent, will leave early or come in late because of external appointments (dental etc.), of if your child is being collected by someone other than yourself.

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  9. PRE-K, PRESCHOOL – the preschool is not a day-care facility. It is a department of the general school and as such is subject to the same rules and regulations, fees, curriculum subject areas, opening hours, holidays, scheduled closing as per the calendar of events, inclement weather closings, and any closing that the Ministry of Education may deem necessary. Please walk in with your child(ren) each day, making sure that a teacher knows that he/she has arrived, thus transferring responsibility to the teacher. The same procedure applies when collecting at the end of the day, when you resume responsibility. Anyone authorised by you to drop off or collect a child must be made aware of, and follow the same procedure.
    During the first few weeks of school do not be disturbed if your preschooler (in particular new students):

    • Is shy and clings to you
    • Hits and refuses to take turns
    • Is aggressive and won’t share
    • Tires easily and cries a great deal
    • Eats or drinks less than usual at school
    • Resists using the toilet, has accidents
    • Does not talk much about his/her day at school

    These are symptoms of tension and stress in a new situation and will disappear as your child becomes used to teachers, other children and classroom routines. Be sympathetic, and supportive. You can help by having a cheerful, positive attitude as your child leaves you. While we appreciate your presence at school, we have learned from experience that children settle into their new situation quicker if parents say goodbye and leave immediately. Once you hang around your child will expect this every day, thus prolonging separation. Remember always: the more relaxed the parent, the more relaxed the child. Illness – Please read clause #7 carefully. ↑ Goto Top

  10. Toys – children from Preschool to K5 only may bring a toy to school on Fridays. Please make sure that it is not easily broken and has no small pieces that will get lost. Sole responsibility for these toys rests with the child. Guns, swords and toys that could hurt others are not allowed. Toys of this nature will be confiscated. Toys brought to school on any day other than Friday, or by children in grades other than those indicated, will be confiscated. ↑ Goto Top
  11. Birthdays – your child may bring a cake and drinks etc. on his/her birthday, however, please inform the teacher before the day.↑ Goto Top
  12. Changes – please inform the school of changes in address, telephone numbers, emergency information or family situations. The Board of Administration is to be notified a month in advance before a child is withdrawn or you will be liable for the next term’s fee in lieu of notice. Keep in mind that planning and provision for your child would have been made for the year.↑ Goto Top
  13. Field trips – as field trips are an integral part of our school programme, you will be required to sign a field trip consent form when necessary. Your consent is requested for your child to be taken from the school compound, and to ride on the school bus or in private cars. We welcome parents as chaperones/drivers.↑ Goto Top
  14. Nutrition – the nutritional needs of children are high because of the high demands of their growth. Please always try to be aware of the nutritional value of what is being sent in lunch boxes. There are children in the school with severe food allergies. Parents are asked to help us protect these children by not sending packets of peanuts, peanut drinks, nuts and chocolate covered peanuts to school for snack or lunch. Children are discouraged from sharing the contents of their lunch boxes.↑ Goto Top
  15. Parental assistance – parents are always welcome to visit and to volunteer time and talent to the school. If you wish to assist in any way please let your child’s teacher know. Parents are expected to participate fully in the PTA and in all fund-raising activities. The school is a non-profit organization and must raise additional funds each school year in order to provide, renew, replenish tools and equipment, and as a means of funding special projects. The PTA is a way to connect with teachers, other parents, and to hold discussions in order to provide the best possible experience for the children.↑ Goto Top
  16. Basic first aid will be administered. However, in case of an emergency parents are notified immediately (please make sure we have your emergency contact numbers), and instructions to proceed to hospital or family doctor will be followed on the understanding that parents will proceed there as quickly as possible. ↑ Goto Top
  17. Security – parents, for security purposes you are required to supply your child’s teacher with emergency contact numbers, a list of names with telephone numbers and vehicle registration of anyone other than yourself who will be collecting your child from school. Anyone authorised to collect your child must be made aware of and comply with the procedure of identifying him/herself and letting a teacher know which child is being collected. Please call ahead to say that someone else is collecting your child. ↑ Goto Top
  18. Parking and road use – observe the parking/ no parking signs. Be considerate of others by driving carefully, by using the designated parking areas and by not blocking the roadway. Take the time to ensure that your child arrives at the gate – in the case of preschoolers, deliver your child to a teacher. The few minutes this takes could well prevent serious injury to a child. Children must not wait on the roadway or in the parking areas to be collected. Children must wait on the playground, under the sun-shades or under the tree near the gate. Please help us by insisting that your child wait inside the gated area to be collected. Our roadway is a one-way system : enter to the south of the school, downhill; exit to the north, uphill. ↑ Goto Top
  19. Anti-bullying Programme – we are determined to stamp out bullying by dealing with it quickly and consistently. We feel that by not allowing bullying at school, the lessons learned here will eventually spread outwards to the greater society. Everyone has the right to feel safe and accepted regardless of gender, colour, race, ability, popularity, intelligence, nationality or religion. No victim of bullying is ever responsible for being targeted. Bullying is never justified, rationalized or excusable as being ‘just teasing’. Victims are caused a great deal of pain and stress, which in turn leads to psychological problems.
    Bullying can be name-calling, picking-on, pushing, biting, kicking, spitting-on, laughing at, manipulating, demanding that a child give up his/her Tuck-Shop money, raiding another child’s lunch box or school bag, making fun of and exclusion. We do not permit, encourage, tolerate or condone the behaviour.
    The children will be encouraged to:

    • Treat others with respect and value their differences
    • Be aware of and deal with incidents immediately
    • Report honestly and immediately all incidents of bullying to a teacher
    • Be alert in places around where there may be less supervision(out of bound areas behind building etc.)
    • Talk to teachers and parents about concerns and issues regarding bullying
    • Be aware of the school’s policies and support system regarding bullying
    • Work with teachers and other students to help the school effectively handle bullying
    • Encourage classroom discussion about bullying and participate in assemblies dealing with bullying
    • Not to be a bully or become involved in bullying
    • Realize that they are considered part of bullying if they stand by and do nothing to report or stop the bullying.
    • Please help us by discussing these guidelines from time to time with your children. While we do not encourage tattle-tales, children must feel free to report bullying.

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The PTA :An important part of building a strong support system for the school. How can I be involved in my PTA? There are many different ways you can help with the PTA, whether you have lots of time to offer or not. The way to find out is to attend the meetings, inquire from the teachers where you can of help in the classroom, reading to the children, being a field trip chaperone etc. Some roles are time consuming, but if you can’t commit to a big job, there are other things which you can do. Being a Class Representative is an important role which you may like to try. You can always support your PTA events by simply attending.

Telephone calls: please make calls to teachers during break-times only; 10:15-10:45 and 12:00-1:00p.m. to avoid interrupting classes. Kindly identify yourself and your child before stating your business. No information will be given to anyone calling as “a concerned parent” !

Inclement weather: in the event of inclement/stormy conditions, listen to radio bulletins for updates and school closings, and be guided accordingly. Always err on the side of caution and safety.