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What can you expect from Kids Unlimited School?

Kids Unlimited School permits students to work on academic material that is both challenging and appropriate to their ability while maintaining their friendships with children of their own ages. A sense of community, a “safe place”, developed through meaningful group activities, help to create an environment conducive to learning.

Are there any activities in which my child can engage after school?

Kids Unlimited School provides after-school programme for our own students and for students from other pre-schools and primary schools, at a nominal fee. This programme provides time for creative projects, individualized homework assistance and additional tutoring. Additionally the after school program encompasses sailing, swimming, football, cub scouts, brownies and guides.

How do children develop both self-esteem and respect for others?

The children are encouraged to value and support each other, in class and at play. Discipline is accomplished with firmness, but with understanding. Children are taught to solve their own social problems, with the assistance and supervision of the staff.

A reasonable class size allows teachers to take children and their ideas seriously. This promotes self-esteem, eagerness to share ideas, and co-operation in the learning process. Children are encouraged to think independently, as well as to work together to solve problems.

Is there homework?

Homework assignments are begun gradually during Grade 1, with the purpose of helping young children become accustomed to the responsibility for taking home, completing, and returning assignments. The frequency and amount of homework increases as a student, progresses through the grades. Grade 1 students will typically have 15 minutes of homework, with Grade 6 students will have 60 minutes of homework. In addition to assigned homework every child from kindergarten to grade 6 are encouraged to read for at least 30 minutes a day.

How are computers used at Kids Unlimited School ?

Computers are used to enhance the educational curriculum. They are incorporated into the curriculum at an introductory level and used with increasing frequency as the year’s progress. In the lower grades, students may use one of many educational programmes to acquire skills in mathematics, language, arts, etc. In the higher grades, students are given individual instruction in basic computer skills to use in classroom projects and homework, research, and personal computer needs (e.g. games, correspondence, etc.). There is a mobile IT classroom provided by Connect Antigua & Barbuda through the Ministry of Information and Technology, which specifically caters for grades 4 through 6.

Does the school have a library?

Kids Unlimited School maintains a library/media centre that contains work of fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, textbooks, video and audio cassettes for viewing and listening enjoyment, and other items. These items are available for check out by teachers and students.

How will I know how my child is doing at school?

Individual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled at least twice a year. In addition, report cards are issued each term so that parents/guardians can know about their children’s progress.

How are parents involved in the operation of the school?

There is an active PTA which parents are encouraged to join, that handles publicity, fundraising, classroom assistance, building upkeep, picnics, and other special activities. During field days, the assistance of parents as chaperones is always needed. The involvement of parents is very important, and their enthusiasm is invaluable as this conveys to children the importance of home and school working together.

Is there a lunch programme at the school?

Kids Unlimited School provides nutritious lunches at a reasonable price five days per week. We try to encourage proper nutritional habits. The lunch programme is optional for students-they may purchase their lunch at school or bring their own.

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